The Soundscape Festival is organised under the auspices of ENALA (European Network for Applied Landart). ENALA is an international project (started 2012) to create a hub for initiatives and stakeholders in rural areas and cultural landscapes from 2012 until 2014. It is coordinated and organized by three project partners of Croatia (Europa Nova Foundation), Germany (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences) and the Netherlands (Stichting Streekfestival Het Groene Woud) and is supported by the EU Culture Programme of the European Union.


October 8 2013, 0 Comments

On the Island of Cres, at 44°41’29.97″ N 14°28’48.13″ E a buoy had been collecting the data of the water movement for a stellar day. The rhythm of this data had been processed and translated to a 86164.1 sec long sonic piece.  A 9m2 wooden deck has been installed 2.7km far from the seashore, on top of an ancient stone “menik”.  The sound piece is being played in an endless loop under this wooden structure.

Land-Art Project by Abris Gryllus, see his further works (in Hungarian)

TILDE by Abris Gryllus on VIMEO

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