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Another Path Somewhere In The Dark Oak Forest

October 11 2013, 0 Comments


The regular paths in the forest are made by cutting trees and bushes so people can reach the trees for harvesting. These paths also allow experiencing the forest and to reach the work sites. When you walk on the regular paths, look for a hidden path. Trees have been bend together with lianas and thorny climbing plants uncovering that path. At the end you’ll find an oak tree bend to the form of a half moon, with only one string going from the top to the bottom of the trunk.

There is harmony in the way how  the work got realized, no machines where involved, it’s made just by hand, some tools and the nature itself.

When you pull the string you’ll hear a low tone and you feel the earth trembling.

This work is about a kind of tension, some kind of respect you feel like you have  to pay to this dark, quiet forest. The one string ‘shows’ how strong that tree really is, and when its sound dies, the silence becomes alive again. It comes to some sort of conclusion that the work is more about revealing what’s already there, than about the work itself.

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