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Constellani: The Sound of Stellar Constellations on Piano

November 5 2013, 0 Comments

There are 36 stellar constellations on the night sky which can be seen in August from the land of Stanzia Castellani. There is an old upright piano, in the legacy of George Gallup Jr., which now can be visited and be visited and listened to in the little farmhouse, the “Stala”, at Stanzia’s.

The music piece “Constellani” is a unique combination, a recent constellation of the two given entities, the night sky and the piano.

The method of composition is so simple. An average sky-chart gives an accurate grid to the stars, which measurement can be easily transformed to musical information, such as time, pitch and dynamics.

constellani notes2

So, a recording was made at the “Stala”, the constellation were played on the old piano. After that, a complex chain of digital reverb effects was added to the pure sound in order to express the “endless and timeless” feeling of the night sky above.

The title Constellani is referring again to its dual and very actual meaning: the constellations which can be seen from the Earth are played on the piano resided in the same land: Stanzia Castellani.




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