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Inner Voices and Natural Sounds

July 29 2013, 0 Comments

Special ethno music,  based on the spiritual-healing feature of ancient Hungarian Folk music. The concert will not only  be magical, natural, meditative, enhancing but also also full of ancient fire and power.

The singer and researcher, Irén Lovász wrote to her  INNER VOICE CD, which is part of her Healing Voices series:.

“Why are people so afraid of silence? This keeps them from hearing their own inner voice, although we could gradually find our way back to quietude and silence. I consider good music to be an extension of silence.”

“Inner Voice” is a meditative inner journey meant to awaken the primeval powers slumbering at the very depth of the “Self”. It is a bringing up to the surface the energies of the ancient elements of earth, water, fire and air with the natural means of music and harmony.

The fifth element is the Human Inner Voice itself. It can be regarded as the integrating synthesis that unites the various cosmic elements inside the human being. The mantra of the singer expresses our relationship to these elements, the Inner Voice celebrates the circular dance of creation and the joy of existence, while also conjuring the male and female archetypes.”

Performing artists:

Irén Lovász: (vocal)
Zoltán Mizsei, (vocal, synthetiser)
Kornél Horváth (percussion)

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