The Soundscape Festival is organised under the auspices of ENALA (European Network for Applied Landart). ENALA is an international project (started 2012) to create a hub for initiatives and stakeholders in rural areas and cultural landscapes from 2012 until 2014. It is coordinated and organized by three project partners of Croatia (Europa Nova Foundation), Germany (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences) and the Netherlands (Stichting Streekfestival Het Groene Woud) and is supported by the EU Culture Programme of the European Union.

Cres — Welcome to the Land of Griffons

July 12 2013, 0 Comments

The following excerpts are from Bruno Velcic, an artist from Rijeka, providing an insider description on the “raw material” the artists at the Soundscape Festival are going to work with:

… the grass will be burned out completely, some golden brown colours on the ground and some dark green on the trees, everything will be dry and sticky, its not possible to walk around barefoot, weeds are thorny and sharp, insects are making an unexpected loud noise through the day and less when sun fall, evenings will be also hot as hell but it gets better around midnight ( we hope), at 9 am everything is already burning, you can work on a land till noon, later is not recommended. Woods are small oak with no grass beneath, just dry leaves and spider webs. There are dry stone walls everywhere, made with no concrete, meadows are small and often, there are probably 40 – 50 (?) of them, all surrounded by 5 -7 meters high oaks and maybe few figs, and some really thorny bushes…

On land, there are no poisonous animals or plants of any kind. In the woods there are 150 and more kilos wild pigs and dears, but they don’t like people so they run, you can meet them only when you drive in the night ( you will see at least three deer on that 4 -5 km of driving from Osor, you can count on that). In the sea there are 2 fish with thorn that hurts bad, but they are good to eat and are expensive, so they’re almost gone for good. Only dangerous species are sun and human beings, the sun is deadly dangerous everyday till 6-7 pm and humans are rare and corruptible. Almost everything is wild if not on the cost and nobody is watching you. Also don’t even think about making fire, because you will spend the rest of your life in prison with our politicians and rapists…

While I still have this image in my head, I’ll add some facts more. Due to these comments above it seems like pure hell. But it isn’t really, it is magical and fantasy like. Because – it is really wild nature, so rich and diverse, hundreds or thousands of flora and fauna species, everything is 3D x 3D ( inclines/ declines, hidden places, weird rocks and weird tree shapes) , big lazy black snakes that cannot hurt anyone (crni gad), so harmless that if you find it you can just pick it and put it in your bag, sheeps are sweet and sad- looking, sea gauls and huge griffons in the air.

Ambience ( light ) – days are bright as flash, if you close the shutter in your camera, it will still be like 2000 – 5000 of exposition to not to burn out your photo. Sometimes August is slightly misty, fogy (with sun, not rainy clouds) but if “bura” clean all up, the sky is blue like smurfs, and the view is ending with very distant and huge mountains of Velebit, the sea is blue like smurf 2, and the land is dark green and mighty. Nights are silent and starry, deep dark blue space all around, it is a bit scary to walk around but it shouldn’t be, because no danger at all, just few mosquitoes maybe ( really few). At night nothing moves, you can hear few miles distant sheep and frogs, small sounds from wide area, no civilisation noise at all. First town is 20 km distant Mali Losinj, 50 000 inhabitants in august ( more than half of it are mostly older tourists that sleeps at night, no big messy parties, just few half private small ones on some beach or somebody’s garden). All together – simple piece and colourful harmony in mighty Mediterranean nature.

[…] If you just put a little candle on some good and storyful spot, the nature is telling its big story, no need to make your big intervention, cause environment will eat it, and there is just not much to add…


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